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Most fast-casual franchises are all the same – burgers, pizza, burritos. It's time for something different. Gyroville offers a unique opportunity to dive into a market craving fresh, flavorful, and authentic Greek cuisine.  

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What Type of Franchisee do you want to Be?

Meet John, Sarah & Tom: Their Gyroville Adventures Will Guide You!

"I always dreamed of owning my own restaurant. Gyroville has the recipe to make this dream real"

John always had a dream of opening a restaurant but was hesitant to take the plunge due to his lack of experience in the industry. He was worried about the complexities of running a restaurant and the potential for failure. However, when he discovered Gyroville, he realized that this could be the perfect opportunity for him. With its simple, streamlined processes and small footprint, Gyroville was an ideal option for someone like him who was new to the business. He was also impressed by the explosive growth of the Mediterranean segment and knew that there was a demand for a fresh, healthy alternative to traditional fast food. With the support of the Gyroville team, John was able to overcome his fears and open a successful restaurant that he was proud of.

"Gyroville gave me the opportunity to become a multi-unit franchisee"

Sarah had always dreamed of opening a chain of restaurants and making a name for herself in the industry. However, she knew that in order to achieve this, she would need to raise money and build a strong foundation. That's when she discovered Gyroville. With its proven business model and successful track record, Sarah knew that she could leverage the power of the Gyroville brand to create a multi-unit franchise empire. She was impressed by the support and training provided by the Gyroville team and knew that she would be able to achieve her dream of owning a chain of successful restaurants.

"Shared royalty with Gyroville while helping grow an emerging brand"

Tom was a salesperson at heart and always wanted to create generational wealth and enjoy a royalty stream of income. When he discovered Gyroville, he knew that this was the perfect opportunity for him. As an area developer, he would be responsible for growing the brand in his town or state and building a network of successful franchisees. Tom was impressed by the simplicity and efficiency of the Gyroville business model, as well as the strong support and training provided by the team. With his passion for sales and entrepreneurship, Tom was confident that he could help others achieve their dreams while building a successful business of his own.

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The Gyroville Story

The Gyroville story began with a spark of inspiration, fueled by a passion for Greek flavors and a desire to transform fast-casual dining. Founder Lambros Kokkinelis saw the burrito craze sweeping the nation and wondered how he could apply the same formula to a beloved Greek treasure, the gyro. With Greek heritage and an entrepreneurial spirit, Lambros embarked on a journey to create a unique and unforgettable dining experience.

Countless hours of recipe testing, concept development, and brand building culminated in the birth of Gyroville, a place where authentic Greek flavors come together with the convenience of fast-casual dining. Lambros’ vision was more than just a single restaurant; he wanted to create a thriving franchise that would captivate taste buds and hearts alike. Gyroville soon gained popularity for its fresh, flavorful food and inviting atmosphere, quickly growing into a successful franchise with locations across the country.

Today, Gyroville continues to share the joy of Greek cuisine with communities everywhere, offering a diverse menu of mouthwatering gyros, salads, and other traditional dishes. As the franchise expands, Gyroville remains committed to its core values of authenticity, quality, and exceptional customer service. Join us on this culinary adventure and experience the essence of Greece at a Gyroville near you.


Get To Know Gyroville Better



Why Gyroville


It's not just a regular food place, it's special!

Gyroville offers several distinct advantages that make it an attractive option for entrepreneurs looking to enter the fast-growing fast-casual market:

  • Unique Concept: Stand out in the fast-casual market with a concept that offers a fresh and flavorful alternative to typical burgers and pizza.
  • Authentic Greek Cuisine: Our menu features a wide variety of traditional Greek dishes prepared with fresh ingredients, providing customers with an authentic Mediterranean dining experience.
  • Strong Franchise Support: Receive comprehensive training, marketing support, and ongoing operational assistance from our experienced franchise team.
  • Growing Demand: Mediterranean cuisine is known for its health benefits and delicious flavors, and there's a growing demand for these options in the fast-casual market.
  • Proven Business Model: With a successful track record and established brand presence, Gyroville offers a solid business model for potential franchisees.
  • ​Community Involvement: Engage with your local community by hosting events, participating in local initiatives, and building strong relationships with customers.
  • ​Flexible Store Formats: Choose from a variety of store formats, including traditional storefronts, kiosks, and food courts, to fit your specific needs and market opportunities.
  • ​Attractive Investment: With competitive start-up costs and a strong potential for return on investment, Gyroville offers an attractive opportunity for aspiring franchisees.


Proven Outcomes

"Joining Gyroville has been the best decision I've ever made. In just one year, I've seen incredible growth and success in my store, thanks to the unique Greek flavors and top-notch support from the Gyroville team.”

Akhil, Franchisee, Hollywood, FL 

"I was tired of the same old fast-food franchises, so I decided to take a chance on Gyroville. The result? My customers love the fresh, authentic taste, and my sales have never been better!”

Angelica, Franchisee, Kendall, FL

"Gyroville has not only given me the opportunity to run a successful business, but it has also allowed me to share my love for Greek cuisine with my community. The franchise support, marketing materials, and training have made all the difference in my journey to success."

Emilia, Franchisee, Doral, FL


Frequently Asked Questions

 How do I know if this is right for me?

To know if Gyroville is right for you, consider your interests, values, and goals. If you're passionate about offering fresh, flavorful, and customizable Greek cuisine in a fast-casual setting, Gyroville may be a perfect fit. If you value community engagement, quality food, and a unique dining experience, Gyroville could be the right opportunity for you.

 Do I need experience to own a Gyroville? 

No, you do not necessarily need prior restaurant experience to own a Gyroville franchise. Gyroville is looking for franchisees who have a strong work ethic, leadership skills, and a passion for delivering exceptional customer service. The Gyroville franchise system is designed to provide comprehensive training and support to ensure your success.

 What type of training do you provide? 

Gyroville offers a comprehensive training program, starting with a 3-week Manager Certification Program for Owner/Operators and General Managers. This program combines classroom instruction with hands-on training in a Gyroville restaurant. Training covers topics such as customer service, compliance and safety, food prep, financial reporting, inventory management, daily procedures, staff training, and marketing techniques. This training takes place 30-45 days before your restaurant's opening, and Gyroville provides a training team to assist you on-site during the first week. Ongoing support and training are provided by a dedicated Operations Consultant.

 Do I get support if I'm stuck?

Yes, at Gyroville, we pride ourselves on supporting our franchisees every step of the way. If you ever find yourself facing challenges or in need of guidance, our dedicated team is always available to assist you. We're committed to your success and ensuring that you have the resources and support you need.

 Do you help me once I sign a Franchise Agreement?

Gyroville supports franchisees throughout the construction process and beyond. This support includes assistance in site selection and lease negotiation, detailed specifications for fixtures, equipment, and leasehold improvements.
In addition, we facilitate architectural and workflow design for the kitchen and back of house along with marketing, training, and operational support for the Grand opening and beyond.

 How much money can I make?

Gyroville is unable to provide specific sales, earnings claims, or projections due to federal and state franchise sales regulations. However, during the application process, you're encouraged to speak with existing franchisees to discuss their experiences and get insights into the potential earnings of a Gyroville franchise.


Dollars & Cents

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Investment, Fees & Other Costs

How much does it cost to open a Gyroville franchise and what are some of the other expenses that i should expect and prepare for?

  • ​Franchise Fee Single Unit: $19,995.00
  • ​Franchise Fee Multi-Unit (3): $29,995.00
  • Veterans Discount: Discount off initial franchise fee
  • Royalty: 6%​
  • Estimated Total Investment: $250k-475k
  • ​New Worth Required: $300k (75k liquid)
  • Local Area Marketing: 2% spent locally by each franchisee
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